Hope is The Poor Man’s Bread – Original Song by Ian Bullough

Hi, I’ve just uploaded my new song “hope is the poor man’s bread” to youtube. I’ve always like the phrase “hope is the poor man’s bread”, because at times when I’ve had nothing, hope has kept me going. Hope had fed me if you like. I also understand the concept of “living in the present”, but, that can be tedious and downright boring, if, as in most cases, the present is an endless round of unfulfilling, work, telly and bed. Much better to dream of a better future, in my humble opinion.

Humans have imagination, or rather, they have the capacity to imagine, especially when they are children. Most adults have lost their sense of wonder and hope. Working to make ends meet can do that to a person. During lockdown, I have the chance to re-connect with my imagination, and, I’m writing quite a few songs at the moment. Anyway, hope you like “Hope is The Poor Man’s Bread”.

Hope is The Poor Man’s Bread is an original song written by Ian Bullough. If you like what I’m doing on my website, you can buy me a coffee, if you wish, by donating at the following link… https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ianjb…