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Google accounts for almost 90% of traffic associated with search engines and you can take advantage of this by using the Google Adwords program.

While it is simple to set up adverts, Google Adwords is a VERY sophisticated program which requires study and experience to achieve success.

Just because you bid the highest amount does not mean that your ad will be appear at the top of the results for your chosen keywords. In fact, the highest bidder may not even appear in the results at all.

When you have created your ad and set your highest bid, Google determines the quality score of your ad by estimating your…

  • expected click through rate
  • landing page experience
  • ad relevance

Ad formats also counts toward the quality score of your Google Adwords Ad. The quality score determines your Ad Rank. If the quality of your ad is showing as LOW, then your ads may not be appearing at all and, if they are appearing, you will probably be paying more per click than you need to.

It is vital to the success of your Adwords Campaign that you achieve the highest quality score and hence, the highest rank possible for the lowest bid.

To achieve a successful Google Adwords Campaign, planning, time and experience are required.

My name is Ian Bullough and I’ve been working in this field since 2001. That’s before Google Adwords existed in fact. A time when Search Engine Optimisation was simple and relatively easy to understand.

I can set up a simple campaign for you from £100 a month. The £100 is my management fee and covers the time to set up the campaign, monitoring the results, making changes to ads, monitoring results, reporting back to you etc. The management fee doesn’t cover any necessary changes to your landing pages or setting up new landing pages. Your landing pages may be perfectly OK, but if I can see problems, I’ll let you know what changes may be needed. It’s up to you how you then proceed.

Obviously, I’ll need to know what you are trying to achieve from your Campaign, what keywords are relevant to your business and what budget (roughly) you have set aside for clicks on your website.

Before I start, I’ll need payment of my management fee (to cover a 30 day period). I’ll also need a payment to cover the clicks from Google. I don’t add anything to the price that Google charges for clicks and I provide you with a copy of the raw report from my Adwords account so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

I assume that you have Google Analytics set up to track the hits on your webpages and where they are coming from. If you don’t, then I suggest that you rectify this as a matter of urgency.

All the work I do for my clients is CONFIDENTIAL. I hope you understand that I cannot discuss the results of other clients Campaigns. I’ve worked for energy companies, web design companies, estate agents and in lots of other sectors, on the understanding that I will not discuss their Campaign results with others.

If you’re interested in using my services, please call me on 07572 544435 to discuss your requirements, or, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you.

Thank you.

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